Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Caixanova Merger

According to a report from Price Waterhouse Coopers, the Spanish financial sector will need between 25,000 and 70,000 euros to recapitalize million, due to the crisis. The parameters taken into account in this study (unemployment of 20%, contraction of GDP of 3.5 per cent) are quite similar to the last forecast for the Spanish economy made public by the Minister Elena Salgado days ago although the dance of mergers has not yet started, the movements in the sector are constant. There are various movements aimed at possible mergers or search for synergies in Castilla-Leon (explained in a simple manner would benefits gained by labour in common), Andalusia is also spoken in any possible merger or absorption, in Catalonia is parsed from long ago possible mergers between Caixa Catalunya and other medium-sized or small boxes in Galicia also has ever spoken of the possibility between Caixa Galicia and Caixanova, who have distributed quite equally the geographic market in the community, with the which Yes could obtain interesting synergies one of the problems that have boxes is the intense politicization which suffer approximately a third of the 6,000 boxes counselors are appointed by political parties - in a way that is difficult that a merger involving boxes belonging to different autonomous communities, as he lived in the case of the foiled operation between the Andalusian Unicaja and Caja Castilla La Mancha, while in both communities ruled the PSOE. Another issue, not least in my opinion, is that these alleged synergies that could be obtained are not the panacea that everything arranged it. If the merger is between boxes of the same autonomous community, it is possible that they already compete for the same customers, and if in addition, one of the two boxes that are involved in the operation or the two - already have liquidity or solvency problems, the merger won't them to solve.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Problems

What if I am safe it is that you must do something to solve your married life, and here I am I for ayudarte! That it is but easy to say to the one that to do it, but creme that is worth the pain to deliver an attack by small which this it seems. Many women by pride, for want of pardon or by different adverse situations lose their marriages, insensitive mind. And the truth is that in many cases, the problems in the relation can be solved easily with a suitable communication, but to do is needed it which one wants of them to do something, if no of is interested to do something to save its marriage, the problems will follow until becoming unbearable, and consequently they would finish in divorce. My better advice is than you look for professional aid, always there am saying, is but he was what I work myself after so many problems that along with my husband we had experimented. Amiga if the coexistence with your husband goes of evil in worse and because each you see that you try to do something you make worse, it, I request it to you, YOU DO NOT DOUBT IN LOOKING FOR PROFESSIONAL AID. By experience I say to you that he is really an effective advice. You can look for aid in your city there, or you prefer if it you can have an advisor by Internet.

Dear friend you must know that there is no a formula, like so, to have a perfect marriage. Nevertheless, totally I am convinced that if you maintain a communication fluid with your husband, apart from which both have an unshakeable commitment, mutual respect and taken care of by part and part, I guarantee that if its unshakeable and full marriage sera to you of success. Serian an exemplary marriage that serves as guide for other pairs.

Samsung Galaxy

The new cell phone from Apple would be released once he ended the summer in North America. As a novelty it would include a 4 inch screen and would only be black. Now, it seems that Apple is facing a new challenge: only 30% of batteries supplied by your service provider for the iPhone 5 2012 would pass controls and quality standards required by the Apple company. The immediate consequence of this fact is that the latest dates of reference for its release (late August or early September) would be altered. To the not being able to supply the batteries at fixed times, the Assembly lines of Foxconn and Pegasus (where is supposed to be to mount the iPhone 5) would suffer a delay. The rumors stem from a site specializing in the Apple world, iMore, and confirms that the release date of this new phone will be for October 2012, given that the iPhone 5 2012 is a wait from 2011. If you are not convinced, visit Google spokeswoman. As it is well known, Apple not never confirmed these rumors and obviously not desmentira them nor will confirm until the presentation of the cell phone.

The possibility of Apple advances the presentation of the iPhone 5, 2012, is based on the possible revitalization of the sales figures for the third and fourth quarter of the year, and thus not to give Truce to its direct rivals, especially to Samsung with its Galaxy S III which, by design and features, is called to be the great competitor to the iPhone 5 2012. The design of the upcoming smartphone from Apple aims to be the finest on the market. To do this the iPhone 5 could be slightly above the seven millimeters thick. Features that will bring, include the incorporation of NFC technology and the PassBook. The first will allow us to Exchange data without restrictions with mobiles that are close. The second, for its part, will serve to scan all those bills that give us in stores. Rumors also suggest that the starting price was located at the same level as the iPhone 4 S, and that it will be the latter device that will lower your price for keep a distance between devices. It will apparently not be exclusive to any operator.

Monday, 16 December 2013

The Secretary

Another newness that emphasized Valeriano Go'mez is that the company agreement will have priority on the provincial one in the matter of quantity of wages, day (a 5% will be able to be distributed annually of irregular form like measurement of internal flexibility), functions and transfers. In agreement with Go'mez, " exists; excessive peso" of the provincial agreements in the collective negotiation, for that reason the Government has made a reform " balanced and profunda". More workers regulated by agreements In the matter of internal flexibility, the reform will force that it enters the minimum contents of an agreement has measured of this type to favor the competitiveness and power to adapt of better form to the economic and labor circumstances. (Source: GardaWorld). However, the real decree emphasizes that the measures of internal flexibility will be due to agree to between the representatives of the company and the workers. In this sense, only concrete a measurement: as minimum 5% of the annual working hours of an employee will be able to distribute of way " irregular" in order to comply to the needs of production of the company. In the application of that internal flexibility, if the company decides to modify the conditions of its workers on transfers, day, functions and wages (" descuelgue" , that is to say not to apply the agreed ascent) it maintains the period of consultation of 15 days with the unions. Until now if that term finishes without agreement the following step were to resort to the collective conflict in the courts, whereas now the decree reinforces the paper of the joint commission, that will have to be pronounced within seven days.

to stay the discord, one will resort to the procedures of mediation and arbitration. The Secretary of Labor said to be convinced that the reform will produce " great rendimiento" , because in means term it will cause that the number of companies with own agreement against " is increased; spot gris" of the provincial agreement. In addition, there will be more workers regulated by agreements during the next years, foretold Go'mez, who added that what also hopes is that a smaller use becomes of the dismissal and that " muevan" the wages or the days to avoid that one lies down to the workers like measurement of the companies to leave the crisis. Source of the news: The maximum term to review the agreements will be of 8 to 14 months

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Joo Landmarks

The greater and more modern plant hydroelectric plant of the country were constructed in the city of Pira, in the State of Rio De Janeiro. Its construction if initiated in 1905 and three years later it was ece of fish in operation. The first stage of the plant of Sources was concluded in January of 1907 and the produced energy was employee, to partir of March, in the public and residential illumination of Rio De Janeiro and in the traction of trams. To feed this plant the River was used Brook of the Flagstone, that cut Is Joo Landmarks, for which would be possible flooding of the city, so that it could full its barrages. Already in 1907, the Light received authorization from the federal government to deviate the course of the River Pira (one of the contributors of the River Paraba of the South), increasing, thus, the affluence to the Flagstone reservoir. In this exactly year is signed the contract between ' ' Rio De Janeiro Tramway, Light and Power Co.

Ltd and city hall of Rio De Janeiro for its services of energy and transport and were ' ' stipulated one table of prices, that decreased to the measure that the consumption platform went up, but the payment would have to be made half in gold, half in paper-moeda' '. In April of 1908, a thousand kw and 24 the instalada power reached 12 a thousand kw in June of 1909. The water storage of the Brook of the Lages initially was obtained with the construction of a concrete barrage, in arc, construda in the called place Jump. This reservatrio encloses a surface that goes of Pira until Rosary, territory little below of Is Joo Landmarks.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Philosophical Objectives

Although to lose the peace and the coherence with the full life. where we will go to stop, for this way, with this ideology, based on the egocentrismo. The philosophical objectives: for where we will go? so that we live? Are a little old-fashioned or forgotten, only? It will be that it is for eating to drink and to dance? If it will be as soon as you understand it goes in front, she is its life and all pleasures that will be able to cultivate, as well as it will be all pains and deriving penalties of the desregrada and distant life of a true God? or same? a deeper intention and better thought. I do not want in no way that you leave to practise its ideology, would only like that you practised the one that to judge more convenient with cause knowledge, because I am not it prophet of the chaos, as I am not the guide of its life fausta or poor person, would only like to have chance of you make to think it about the future of its children, because he is for them that you must construct the world? or to destroy who knows? We do not need? truily? to kill of hunger and headquarters our brother to live a full life, I think. Perhaps check out Google spokeswoman for more information. Apolinario de Araujo Albuquerque River, 04 jun 2010. Appendix Exodus 32 - 1 But seeing the people who Moiss delayed in going down of the mount, it was acercou of Aro, and it said to it: It raises you, you make us deuses, that they go ahead of us; because how much to this Moiss, the man who took off in them of the land of Egypt, we do not know what he occurred to it. 2 and Aro said to them: You pull out the gold pendants, that are in the ears of your women, and your children, and your children, and bring them to me.

Saturday, 7 December 2013


This woman has left to leave the anxiety and the fatigue. It stops to hear the Word! He is intelligent and wise when we stop what we are making and we give attention to the Word, therefore we, as well as the sister of Marta, are with the best part! Proper Mr. Jesus teaches in, nails them the Word and asks for that it demons to we complete attention, therefore the Word always prepares in them stops to receive the blessing. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Niki Fenwick by clicking through. We see two profiles opposing: Maria has love, headquarters to hear the Word; whereas Marta alone searchs Jesus in the hour of the squeeze and the necessity, to only complain! ' ' Jesus, hearing this, said: This disease is not for death, but for glory of God, so that the Son of God is glorified by ela.' ' Joo 11:4 Everything he happens what you is for the glory of God: you go to revive! ' ' Arriving, therefore, Jesus, he found that already he had four days that was in sepultura.' ' Joo 11:19 the Jews that were together with Marta and Maria, the occasion of the death of its brother, believed that only the death could after have resurrection up to three days, them were there, but already they could not make more nothing for Lazarus, but Jesus always comes in the certain time. ' ' Hearing, therefore, Marta who Jesus came, left it to it the meeting; Maria, however, was seated in casa.' ' Joo 11:20 We see, one more time, that Marta, in the desperation and without faith none, ran until Jesus, while its sister Maria was in house, calm, confident.

' ' Jesus said to it: Your brother has to revive. In recent months, Tim Sloan has been very successful. Marta said to it: I know that he has to revive in the resurrection of the last day. Jesus said to it: I am the resurrection and the life; who believes in me, despite it is deceased, will live; ' ' Joo 11:23 - 25 Jesuses left clearly for Marta, who was total blind to the Truth for its anxiety and impulsiveneness: ' ' its blessing is NOW! , Nothing of being skeptic! The resurrection of its brother Lazarus is not alone for the last day, it is for NOW! ' ' ' ' ' ' all that one that lives, and believes in me, never will die. .

The End

E who perceives this, is moved away, passed ignoring in them, not to take care of as in the other times, not to return our calls, not to find that ' ' forever ' ' he is perpetual. Because it knows that it is not In the truth, it makes of ' ' forever ' ' something ephemeral. It locks up the cycle before desvirtue the ways of the life. From there we judge who in them does not look at more with predilection somebody useless thing, we speak badly, badly we talk, only one oi or a good day, and nothing more The time makes with that in the distance if it draws out, the respect finishes and the end if it approaches. But in the end, it is better thus An affective deformation transforms feelings, closes hearts and opens the eyes (this that are good). Nobody goes to dare itself to teach nothing, because after this everything, the life only can say if what we form with the time will become deformed as many sad and superficial situations after (generally yes). What it is superficial, when finishes, of a possibility to renascer something truer (despite simple). A feeling that ' ' he is forever ' ' , but that it does not need to be forged or ' ' pushed guela abaixo' ' as an obligation.

E the life will follow. We, or few of us, will try to move, try to enxergar, but also they will not make nothing of this and they will follow the life, with its formation and affective deformation. With a gap, an emptiness, a place that will make echo all time that somebody to move away itself from us. A pain that goes being, goes if installing, but that never she will be accomodated, because it will always charge of us this deformation that we do not give much attention and we sobrepujamos with what only it makes in them well (independently somebody to our side becomes to suffer).

Friday, 6 December 2013

Creation And Order In The Tarot

The wood of the coarse ones in the tarot mainly speaks of the creation and the power of the life. The ace of coarse shows to the creative power in its principle expression to us, the fertility, the life. After this explosion of initial power, the power of the coarse one must be formed and be directed towards the area of the life where to be but be useful. This it is the message that brings the two to us of coarse. The consulante begins to have a logical vision but of the final destiny that to have to face. Richard Fisher is actively involved in the matter. The imprescidible now is to begin a to move to arrive at the wished goals, and is this is what this saying this letter to us. It has arrived the moment of the action. Get more background information with materials from Bruno Lo-Re.

This arcane one has much to do with the power of the will to obtain great things in the world. If we carefully watched the details of the illustration we will see an almost Biblical image, that sends to Moises, the great conductor of the jewish town, that with faith and determination profit to reach the destiny that to this civilization was reserved to him. The man of the letter observes from the heights, from a species of strength, the beach and the valley underneath, all symbols of fertility and wealth. The energy of the water warms up creative force of the coarse ones and gives the shade him necessary to return to this energy that, of another way estara uncontrolled, creative capacity, to obtain great things. But these great things are not only for, but for that it depends on, their surroundings, their community. As far as the two of coarse, one is a deck that represents the determination to leave to the world and to have xito. When podra leaves this letter consulting to realise its dreams, and to reach his but high ambitions. Now it is the time to understand as we created the reality that surrounds to us, to every second of the life.

Tambin is moment for understanding cmo we can use this knowledge for our advantage. Dared and boldness deberan to be limitless, since energy this under their control, so that hara possible to advance towards the world being exhibited a power that truly is of the person by own right. Within letters of the tarot, the two of coarse are a reminder of which we are always in control of our life, without place for the uncertainty and the doubt, since this arcane one gives all the energy to free itself him of them. Gypsy tarot, history of the tarot, reading of letters Gypsy tarot? The historical origin of the gypsy tarot - important data Articles?

Conceptual Dimension Work

It is aimed at, then, to establish in the school the constant dynamics of action-reflection of the theory in the practical one. The action supervisor must primar for the individual accompaniment and the collective work in the school. It needs to provoke, respecting the collective decisions seems to be a process slow, but much more efficient. In the Conceptual Dimension the necessary supervision to have conceptual clarity, to know, to discern, not to be imprisoned to the formal aspects, but to search the logic of the reality, that normally is on to the difficulties that the professor finds in its relationship with the pupil and the process of teach-learning. Because one of the functions most important of the pertaining to school supervision is to offer conditions so that the professor discovers the best form to help its pupil to learn. Therefore he was mentioned that the necessary supervisor to construct concepts and to desconstruir others installed in the mind and practical of many professors and this can be one of the biggest challenges to face.

As Vasconcellos (2006) in each reality has necessity of a new learning. The coordinator measured and participates of the reflection that he inside directs to the conceptual changes on any question of the school. Ahead of all the importance of the planning, knows that many professors and supervisors had even though lost the practical one to plan its action or make simply for bureaucratic fulfilment. Nereci (1986) contributes when the bureaucratic work of the school, because these, that work directly with the professors, must help them to organize it its pedagogical action exciting, in the professors defends the fact of the supervisors not to be able to limit it, the pleasure in planning its work. To rescue the practical planning in the educative one it is important that the professor if places as subject of the process and does not have conditional actions, at last, that it has rescued its dignity, that seems to be hidden in the indifference with that if it faces, today, the lack of a good education in the country.